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Understanding the Development of LED Display Industry


Nowadays, LED large screen market is dominated by various splicing technologies. Key words such as 4K and laser are full of people's audiovisual, and have become the main line of industry development. Among them, there is no doubt that small spacing Led Display has become the most popular product type in large screen display industry in recent years.
Laser Back Projection
Laser is one of the most concerned focus in large screen display industry in recent two years. In the field of large screen mosaic display, laser-supported DLP backprojection has more voice in the face of the impact of small spacing LED display and ultra-narrow edge LCD mosaic products. After two years'development in 2017 and 2018, laser source has been recognized by all circles as one of the main development directions of DLP back projection technology in the future.
Compared with traditional LED light source, the outstanding advantage of laser light source lies in its high brightness, which can effectively improve the light environment adaptability of DLP splicing screen, and then broaden its application scope. However, from the perspective of technological innovation, the value of back projection brightness enhancement is not limited to this.
At present, there are two main problems restricting DLP splicing. One is the thickness of the DLP system, the other is the physical splicing that can not be completely eliminated in the screen system. Laser DLP splicing can effectively solve these problems.
About the thickness of DLP system, some manufacturers have introduced the pre-maintenance ultra-thin DLP box, which can save about 60% of the installation space. However, because the pre-maintenance box can only be two-tier spliced, the available display height of traditional ultra-thin box is insufficient, and the actual use of the scene is severely limited, but after using laser source, the size of DLP back-projection unit can be achieved to 100-1. 20 inches, so that the height of the two layers can reach 3-3.5 meters after splicing. This display height can cover 80% of the DLP usage scene, so that the ultra-thin box can be more widely used in the large screen display scene.
For the physical seaming problem of large screen stitching system, the large-size laser back projection can reduce the number of stitching units per unit display area, and at the same time reduce the cost, it can also minimize the proportion of "gap" in the whole display wall. In addition, as a standardized large screen fusion product, laser back projector can also effectively reduce the daily maintenance costs. It not only overcomes the inherent defect of physical stitching which can not be completely eliminated in the previous large screen stitching system, but also solves the problem of integration product delivery and later maintenance.
Different from previous years, in the field of large screen display, besides LCD, DLP and small spacing display technology, OLED technology has also become a non-negligible existence.
In 2015, IFA, LG exhibited a 111-inch OLED surface splicing screen, which officially pushed OLED to the front stage, and for a time became the focus of attention of manufacturers.
OLED is known as the latest generation of display technology. Compared with liquid crystal products, OLED has better picture quality performance. It breaks through the limitation of traditional backlight and self-luminous pixels can bring better independence, more brilliant color, more sophisticated dynamic picture in the process of black-field effect conversion. In addition, OLED can bring better flexibility, lightness and picture performance. Plasticity in appearance is also unmatched by other products.
At present, OLED is no longer rare in the field of home TV, but its application in the field of large screen splicing has just begun. Since LG exhibited 111-inch OLED surface splicing screen in 2017, Sep, Planar and others have also exhibited splicing transparent OLED display screens. With the rise of OLED applications in the field of special display, the industry has more expectations on whether OLED will replace the existing large screen system and become the next generation of large screen mosaic display devices.
With the rapid development of LED large screen display technology and network technology, more and more manufacturers realize that if they want to continue to deepen and develop, it is necessary to provide customers with a variety of applications based on network technology, and visualization is the current industry manufacturers'consistent development direction.
In recent years, LED large screen display technology has entered a relatively mature period. If Shenzhen LED display manufacturers still rely on hardware to achieve development, it is obviously not suitable for the needs of the times. Video business is very suitable for creating solutions. It can provide users with visual tools, such as security monitoring, energy management, exhibition and other applications, which ultimately need visual expression. Seek. Video solution as a starting point, through the LED large screen mosaic system visualization solution, the simulation plan, real-time signal acquisition, multi-dimensional information association and other convergence to the large screen, and ultimately assist customers in monitoring data analysis, has become an indispensable element of command and scheduling.
Compared with traditional display systems, visualization goes beyond simple information presentation. It emphasizes customer demand as the center, and is the objective requirement for the deep and high-end development of customer demand. It provides a new "competition" space for large-screen enterprises, and is a "value-added device" and "industrial amplifier" for large-screen industries. At present, visualization has become the key development direction of some large screen industry manufacturers, such as Weichuang, Shuangqi, Delta and so on. These enterprises are active promoters and pioneers of this trend. Their breakthroughs in visualization applications are reconstructing the user value of information visualization. Large Led screen,

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